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SECONDS - 2. Selection (2 for 1)


This is a great opportunity to get cheap durable sticks made of the same wood as our Premier Selection.



There are 2 pairs of SECONDS in this package. The quantity in the web store is 1 (one) but that will give you 2 pairs (4 sticks).


When B-sticks go through the rigorous process of rolling, weighing and pitch-pairing there are many sticks that never make it to Premier Selection. This can be due to many reasons such as:


- Not 100% perfectly straight (the most common)
- Outside the median weight classes
- Discoloring of the wood
- Structure of the wood


These sticks are called Seconds. They are the same high quality wood but with minor flaws.


Read more and watch the video:

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Seconds 2 for 1 * SAVE! *

Seconds *SAVE* 2 for 1

2 Pairs of SECONDS - Pick Your Model

Base price: kr76.00
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Sales price: kr95.00
Sales price without tax: kr76.00
Tax amount: kr19.00