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We are always interested in new endorsers. You don't have to be Steve Gadd - we appreciate hard working drummers.


Please, PLEASE read ALL info before you contact us. Then, if you still have questions, feel free to ask.


Here is how we usually do business:



  1. We can't afford to give full endorsement deals (well, unless maybe you are Steve Gadd)
  2. Most of our endorsements are in the 25-40% range and mostly depend on gigging schedules.
  3. Please review the prices before you contact us. In some countries sticks are very cheap and even with Endorsement Discount, some get disappointed.
  4. Remember that in Denmark we pay 25% in sales tax and the law requires us to list the prices with the tax included. The tax does not apply outside EU, but goods are subject to your country's rules on import tax and duty.
  5. Here is a GUIDELINE (Note that the currency exchange rate can and will change). Lastest update 28.12.2015


 Retail price  95,- Kr.  €12,70  $14  £10,70
 Without Taxes  76,- Kr.  €10.20  $11,20  £8,65


Countries outside EU do NOT pay the Danish sales tax but you are responsible for paying your country's sales tax and duty - if any. 


We do not have a contract anymore. Write us an email with the following info to us:


Your bio

Your gig schedule

Your releases

What you think you can do to help us sell more sticks. Some suggestions:

  1. Like our facebook page
  2. Share our Facebook page with your friend and fans
  3. Put our logo on your website
  4. Put our logo on your releases
  5. Place stickers on your bass drums
  6. Promote B-stick to your collegues, friends and fans
  7. Produce a video where your show your stuff - playing with your B-sticks
  8. Place our logo on your posters
  9. Anything else you can think of :)

We then suggest a discount % and if we agree we update your profile on the site and your personal prices will now be reflected when you log in.


PLEASE NOTE: Minimum first endorsement order is 30 sets.


You place your order and pay through PayPal. If you do not have a credit card then please look for our bank information under 'Contact Us' and initiate a bank transfer.


Your first order will ship with stickers etc.


You send us pictures of you with the sticks and stickers on your drum set.